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TS-100 Style Tubing Spider

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The TS-100 manual spiders stand as stalwarts of efficiency and reliability in the oil and gas industry, essential for handling drill collar, casing, tubing, and slick pipe operations. Fabricated from high-quality alloy steel and subjected to meticulous heat treatment, both the spider body and slips boast exceptional durability to withstand the rigors of drilling environments. Their lightweight design facilitates easy handling without compromising on strength or robustness.

Notably, these spiders are rated with a remarkable capacity of 100 tons, ensuring they can handle heavy loads with ease and precision. Moreover, certified to API 7K standards, they adhere strictly to industry regulations, guaranteeing reliability, safety, and superior performance. With their versatility and stringent adherence to standards, the TS-100 manual spiders are indispensable assets for diverse drilling operations, offering operators confidence and efficiency in their tasks.