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Ram Type Blowout Preventer, Double Gate, 9" - RENTAL

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Type: Double Gate
Size: 9”
Pressure Rating: 3,000psi / 5,000psi
Certification: API 16A Monogrammed

The LWS type blowout preventer (BOP) is a critical safety device in oil and gas drilling, renowned for its reliability and versatility. Used in both onshore and offshore operations, it effectively prevents uncontrolled hydrocarbon releases during drilling activities. 

Its robust design ensures quick and efficient sealing of the wellbore in emergencies, safeguarding personnel, the environment, and assets. In offshore drilling, where risks are heightened, the LWS BOP is particularly vital, providing essential protection against blowouts. It's also integral to onshore drilling, shale gas exploration, and hydraulic fracturing operations. By reliably maintaining well integrity and preventing catastrophic incidents, the LWS BOP ensures safe and compliant drilling practices, offering operators peace of mind in critical situations.