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Oteco Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), Integral FIG 1502 Unions

by Oteco
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Type: Integral FIG 1502 Unions
Pressure Rating: Various Pressure Ratings Available

The OTECO PRV (shear type) helps ensure protection for slush pumps, manifolds, and other expensive components used in drilling operations. The PRV utilizes shear pins to relieve overpressure during drilling and other operations. Hardened stainless steel stems and stainless steel liner subs provide improved corrosion resistance resulting in higher reliability and longer valve life. With the OTECO PRV replacing shear pins is fast and easy because of the easy to remove safety cover. The OTECO PRV is available in 2" low, standard, and high pressure, as well as 3" high pressure models.

Features and Benefits:

- A metal chart is installed on every valve detailing shear pin selection specifications
- Hardened stainless steel stems and liner subs provide corrosion resistance
- PRV relief valve parts are interchangeable with Cameron style shear relief valve parts
- +/- 10% Accuracy
- Major & Minor repair kits as well as individual parts available