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Conventional Aluminium Insert Cementing Plug

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Oil Baron Supply’s Conventional Aluminum Insert Cementing Plugs are manufactured from graded rubber fused onto a core of Aluminum. Three self- centering cups with wiping elements are bolted onto the Aluminum core. Differential pressure across the plug forces both wipers and cups firmly against the casing wall to create a firm wiping action throughout the length of the casing string. The all-aluminum core resists distortion from pressure in a deep well and gives support to long columns. The top plug can be used when a dual plug system is not required.

All plugs are PDC drillable and the operating range of temperature for the aluminium core is up to 200°.

This product is available in 16” to 30” sizes.

Plugs can be ordered for higher operating temperatures and operation in either synthetic or mud fluids on request.

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