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Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge System

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Compound Pressure Gauge systems are designed to provide a quick, accurate display of pump pressure. Dual dial is often used in pay formations where the pressures in these processes range from high to low, depending on how the formation is being treated. Main applications are for hydrostatic testing, down hole cementing operations and high pressure fracturing.  These gauges can also be used for checking pump pressures on service trucks, down hole acidizing stimulation situations, and fracturing operations.  Because this gauge has two pointers: a 360 degree sweep dial makes one full rotation while the 4:1 Vernier needle makes 4 full rotations, even the smallest pressure changes can be seen. The dampener assembly located on the top of the gauge, dampens vibrations and reduces pointer bounce so that pointers move in steady, even actions. 

The compound dual pointer pressure gauge comes equipped with two pointers and a dial that displays readings in two different PSI increments. For example, the black inner dial indicates PSI, and the yellow pointer indicates 1, 2, 3 or 4 thousand PSI. One complete sweep of the yellow pointer indicates 4000 PSI. The outer white dial indicates PSI as well; however, the max capacity is divisable by a factor of 4, and will be in 8,000, 12,000, or 16,000 PSI, depending on the application's max capacity. 

Compound Pointer:

  • Standard capacities include:
  • 4000, 8000, 12000, and 16000 psi
  • 40 mPa, 80 mPa, 120 mPa,
  • 400, 800 and 1200 kg/cm2
  • Diaphragm Rubber Gauge Protector includes a 2” NPT 1502 wing nut
  • 1:1 Piston Separator (optional) includes a 2” NPT 1502 wing nut


  • 6″ dial face for clear readings.
  • After years of service, this gauge has been proven accurate even in the most extreme of conditions
  • Mounting design fits grat in oilwell pumping trucks.
  • 360 degree calibration allows you to see all pressure changes, no matter how small.
  • Adjustable gauge sensitivity to increase reading accuracy in all situations.
  • Gauge is fluid-filled to protect from harsh winter conditions and rig vibrations.
  • Standard capacities up to 16000 psi.
  • Available in English or Metric.
  • Available in two designs: box mount design and panel mount design.
  • Vernier pointer can read even the smallest pressure changes.
  • Adjustable gauge sensitivity to increase reading accuracy in all situations.
  • Accuracy at all les will less than 1% error in call cases.
  • Available with diaphragm protector or 1:1 piston isolator sensor.
  • Chart recorder for easier measurements.