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Ceramic/Zirconia Liners

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The ceramic/zirconia liners for triplex mud pumps, available in sizes from 4" through to 7", offer exceptional durability and wear resistance, ideal for prolonged operation in demanding drilling conditions. Their interchangeability with most major brands such as Gardner Denver, Emsco, Bomco, Ideco, Oilwell, and National ensures seamless integration into various pump systems. Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, these liners provide superior fluid handling, contributing to enhanced pump efficiency and reduced maintenance costs, making them a reliable choice for operators across diverse drilling applications.

  • High-density Ceramic sleeve
  • Minimum bore hardness of 74 HRC [1300HV]
  • Rated up to 7500psi working pressure
  • Service life of up to 3,000 pumping hours
  • Reduced liner and piston wear
  • Surface Finish ID of 8 RMS
  • Liner ID can be re-honed to +0.005 for repeated use