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BJ B Style Manual Tongs, 3-1/2" - 13-3/8"

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Model: B
Range: 3-1/2" - 13-3/8"

The BJ Style Tongs stand out as a versatile and robust solution for pipe handling operations across various applications and environments. With extension heads available in the B series, these tongs efficiently cover all pipe sizes up to 36 inches, providing flexibility and adaptability on the job site. Offering torque ratings of up to 100,000 FT/LBS, they ensure reliable performance even in the most demanding tasks. The multiple latch steps on the jaws further enhance efficiency by accommodating different pipe sizes without the need for jaw removal, streamlining operations and minimizing downtime.

Manufactured and certified to meet the stringent API 7K standard, the BJ Style Tongs guarantee quality, reliability, and compliance with industry regulations. Widely used in drilling rigs, well servicing, and pipeline construction, these tongs excel in environments where precise and efficient pipe handling is paramount, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and safety.