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API 6A Adaptor Flange, FIG 1502

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API 6A threaded/companion flanges offer a versatile solution for connecting piping systems in oil and gas operations, featuring threaded connections that facilitate easy installation and disassembly without welding. These flanges provide a secure and leak-proof connection, enhancing operational reliability and minimising downtime for maintenance or reconfiguration tasks. Their threaded design enables them to be quickly attached to corresponding threaded fittings or equipment, making them ideal for applications requiring frequent assembly and disassembly, such as wellheads, manifold systems, and production pipelines.

API 6A threaded/companion flanges come in a broad range of sizes and pressure ratings, accommodating diverse requirements in the industry, from smaller bore sizes and lower pressure applications to larger diameters and high-pressure environments, ensuring compatibility and reliability across a wide spectrum of operational conditions.