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Type MP Style Safety Clamp

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The Type MP safety clamp stands out as a crucial tool in the oil and gas industry, renowned for its reliability and safety features. Designed for a variety of applications, including pipe handling, well servicing, and drilling operations, this clamp offers unmatched versatility and performance. With a size range spanning from 2-7/8" to 30-1/2", it accommodates a wide array of pipe sizes, ensuring compatibility across different drilling scenarios. Its robust construction and innovative design provide secure and reliable clamping, minimizsing the risk of accidents and enhancing safety on the rig floor.

Moreover, the Type MP safety clamp is certified to API 7K standards, undergoing rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure compliance with industry regulations. By meeting API 7K standards, this clamp guarantees reliability, safety, and performance excellence, making it an indispensable asset for pipe handling and related operations in the oil and gas sector.