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Top Entry Integral Check Valve, FIG 1502

by SMI
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· Check Valves are flow control devices that permit flow in one direction but stop flow in the opposite direction.
· Generally used in well service applications, the check valve is placed in the treating line to allow flow to the well but isolates any back flow upstream of the valve. This provides a safety device at various locations in the flow line and assures that pressure and fluid cannot backup into the manifold area or into the pumps, causing damage to equipment.
· The simplified Seat Cover and seat assembly has a minimum number of parts.
· For the sealing at Low Pressure, All Type Valves are consist of Stainless Steel Springs.
· API 6A Materials Classes and Temperature Classes are available.
· Standard service is used up to 15,000psi and tested at 22,500psi.
· H2S Service is used up to 10,000psi and tested at 15,000psi.
· Reliable Performance at high working pressure.
· Valve Parts are Interchangeable with most major designs.
· Suitable for variety of high pressure applications such as fracturing, cementing, acidizing and etc.

· MTR and Test Reports are available at any time.