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SLX Style Side Door Casing Elevator

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The SLX Style Side Door Elevators are an essential component in the oil and gas industry, specifically engineered to handle casing of all sizes up to 24". With load ratings ranging from 65 tons to an impressive 250 tons, these elevators offer robust lifting capabilities to suit various operational requirements. A standout feature of the SLX design is the shielded safety latch, which provides an additional layer of protection against accidental opening, ensuring enhanced operator safety during lifting operations.

Furthermore, the SLX Style Side Door Elevators boast a double latch safety feature, adding an extra level of security and reliability. Certified and conforming to API 7K standards, these elevators undergo stringent testing and certification processes to ensure compliance with industry regulations. By meeting API 7K standards, the SLX Style Side Door Elevators guarantee reliability, safety, and performance excellence, making them indispensable assets for lifting operations in the oil and gas sector.