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Slip On Welded Cement Baskets

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Oil Baron Supply’s Slip On Welded Cement Baskets are designed to run on casing or liners above porous or weak formations that require protection from the hydrostatic pressure generated by the cement column. They can also be used to help support a cement column near the well surface while the cement sets. Oil Baron Supply’s Hinged Cement Baskets are easy to install around the casing OD. They have convex shaped Bows welded to both End Collars to provide added strength and more adaptability in terms of expansion and contraction. In addition, this type of Cement Basket can be rotated and reciprocated and is available in a choice of welded and non welded convex shape bows.

1. OB15-H Hinged Welded Cement Basket

2. OB15-NW-H Hinged Non-Welded Cement Basket

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