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SaferUnion™ Hammer Union Wingnut

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    The SaferUnion™ is a superior alternative to the conventional hammer unions that provides greater safety in dangerous working environments. It requiresthe use of less energy. Instead of hitting a union with a sledgehammer to tighten the connection, the new design uses a bar with a long moment arm, that is capable of providing sufficient torque on the nut to either tighten or loosen the connection.SaferUnion™ makes the process of tightening and loosening a connection easier, more convenient, more cost-saving, and safer.


    • No hammer hitting is needed thus avoiding generation of sparks which can causeaccidents in explosive environments
    • Clear, obvious design identifications of the SaferUnion Nut, which include color coding,reduce risk of sub and nut mismatching
    • No flying metal chips
    • No equipment overtightening and hammer misuse
    • No danger due to deformed and sharp wing union lugs
    • Personnel stay out of the liquid spray zone by using the long moment arm
    • No bodily injuries from missing hammer strikes or due to hammerslipping out of worker's hands
    • The surface of the bar is knurled to provide an exceptional grip
    • Reduction in crew injuries and further mistakes due to the fatigue due to using a hammer
    • Crew injuries and other longer term effects of repeated sledgehammer use are eliminated
    • Strain on the operator's joints and back is greatly reduced, resulting inbetter work conditions
    • Eliminates the hammer from the equation due to absence of any wing to strike upon


    • Can, on average, be supplied with 18% more torque compared to the conventionalhammer unions (1240 lbs - ft vs. 1052 lbs - ft)
    • Increases accessibility, with 8 points located every 45° due to its unique design and canbe handled by a single crew member
    • Safe to use in sour environments due to material used for manufacturing
    • Equal torque application ensures proper seal on connections• SaferUnion Nut comes in the most common sizes such as 2", 3", and 4" diameters
    • Its design was evaluated and validated by a professional engineering firm, Lynch Engineering
    According to their study, the SaferUnion has a minimum safety factor of 3. This was validated when the union was tested under hydrostatic pressure of 50 ksi by a third party (H.Lorimer Corporation). The rated pressure of that unit was 15 ksi, so it withstood a little above 3 times its designated load
    • Traceability provides an extra measure of quality control to increase thetool safety and reliability
    • API Q1 compliant processes used by R&H Machine ensure highquality and reliability of the tool
    • SaferUnion is compliant with API Recommended Practice 7HU1