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Oteco PRV Shear Pins, Black, Pack of 10

by Oteco
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Brand: Oteco Inc

Type: Black #50
Part Number: 140550

The Oteco PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) shear pins serve a crucial role in ensuring the safety and integrity of pressure control systems in oil and gas drilling operations. These shear pins are specifically designed to provide reliable overpressure protection by releasing excess pressure. In the event of a sudden increase in pressure beyond the preset limit, the shear pins break, allowing the PRV to open and divert the excess pressure safely away from the wellbore. This helps prevent catastrophic blowouts and ensures the safety of personnel, equipment, and the environment. The Oteco PRV shear pins are essential components in well control systems, offering operators peace of mind and regulatory compliance while maintaining operational efficiency and safety standards in challenging drilling environments.