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Model 72 Mud Gate Valve, Integral FIG 1502, 2" RENTAL

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Pressure Rating: 5000psi
Brand: Midland Valves

Type: Manual
Size: 2" with Integral FIG 1502 End Connections
Certification: API 6A Monogrammed

Designed for the oilfield, the Model 72 gate valve is the proven, reliable choice for applications requiring up to 5,000 psi working pressure and temperatures up to 250° F (121° C). The Model 72 gate valve is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability and is ideal for corrosive water flood applications, sour gas and crude oil service, as well as certain wellhead applications.

Whether used in your mud system, floor and standpipe manifold, or flow line application, the Model 72 is field proven for easy operation, tight shut-offs, long life, and simple, fast, low-cost field renewal. Manufactured at the Midland Valve facility, each Model 72 is rigorously tested prior to shipment from the factory.

Features and Benefits:

- The use of Body Subs allows change out of valve connections without changing valve           body or entire valve.
- Full rising, one piece forged gate and stem displays current valve orientation: open, partially open, or closed.
- Extra-large ball bearings and heavy duty stem threads minimise torque required for valve operation.
- Proven interlocking gate packing and wear plate design protects the valve body and cap during repeated valve opening and closing.
- Standard gate packings are designed for a wide range of fluid environments.
- Model 72 parts are interchangeable with Cameron type ‘S’ Flex-Seal valve parts.
- Major & Minor repair kits as well as individual parts available