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MG Series Bottleneck Drill Pipe Elevator, 100T

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The G Series 18° Bottleneck Elevators stand as a pinnacle of reliability and safety in the realm of oil and gas operations. Offering center latch operation specifically designed for running external upset drill pipe, these elevators are capable of handling loads ranging from 100 to 350 tons with precision and ease. Built to exceed the API safety factor for their load capacity, they ensure uncompromised safety standards during lifting operations.

Crafted from high-quality heat-treated alloy steel, the G Series Elevators are engineered for durability and resilience in challenging environments. Their design includes a safety latch and latch lock combination, effectively preventing equipment-induced accidents and ensuring operator safety. Manufactured and certified to meet the rigorous standards of API 8C, these elevators represent a reliable and compliant solution for enhancing operational efficiency and safety in the field.