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Hydraulic Drill Pipe Tong, ZQ203/100, 5" - 8"

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    Master Tong Range: 2-3/8" - 5-1/2"
    Backup Tong Range: 2-3/8" - 5-1/2"

    The Drill Pipe Tong is applicable in the petroleum and mine drilling, it is safety and labor saving, and improving the working efficiency. The tongs have the following features: 

    • Using pneumatic power to shift and drive backup tong (ZQ127/25 I, ZQ162,50A, ZQ203/75XA, ZQ203/100, ZQ203/125).
    • It is a integral mechanism made by spin tong and torque tong (ZQ127/25 I, ZQ162/50A, ZQ203/75XA, ZQ203/100, ZQ203/125).
    • Changing gear allowed during operation (ZQ127/25 I, ZQ162/50A, ZQ203/75XA, ZQ203/100, ZQ203/125).
    • New or old drilling pipe joint could be clamped reliably.
    • Both directions could run the maximum torque and rotation speed (except CHKQ203/75). 

    Model ZQ203/100
    Range 5" - 8"
    High Gear Torque Rating 5160ft/lbs (7000N.m)
    Low Gear Torque Rating 73800ft/lbs (100000N.m)
    High Gear Rated Speed 40 RPM
    Low Gear Rated Speed 2.7 RPM
    Rated Operation Pressure 2320 psi (16Mpa)
    Rated Flow 30 GPM (114 LPM)
    Pneumatic Operation Pressure 73-131 psi (0.5-0.9Mpa)
    Dimensions 1700 x 1000 x 1400mm
    Weight 2400kg