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Hydraulic Casing Tong, KT24500, 9-5/8" - 24-1/2"

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    Master Tong Range: 9-5/8" - 24-1/2"

    The Casing Power Tong is used to make up and break out for casing operation in oil fields. It has greatly reduced the labor of worker, enhanced connection quality of thread and diminished accidents in inappropriate casing operation. The power tong has the following features: 

    • Opening type, with an integral tong head of great strength.
    • Brake belt assembly, easy to operate and convenient to maintain and replace.
    • Open gear supporting structure, improving the strength.
    • High strength steel plate used on the shell.
    • With hydraulic torque indicator and torque control system installation interface (optional).
    • Low stress components for C.R.A casing (optional).  
    Model KT24500
    Range of Master Tong 9-5/8" - 24-1/2"
    High Gear Torque Rating 8800ft/lbs (12000N.m)
    Low Gear Torque Rating 50000ft/lbs (70000N.m)
    High Gear Rated Speed 30 RPM
    Low Gear Rated Speed 5.5 RPM
    Rated Operation Pressure 2320 psi (16Mpa)
    Rated Flow 50 GPM (187.5 LPM)
    Master Tong Dimensions 2120 x 1350 x 800mm
    Master Tong Weight 1800kg