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Hinged Non Welded Positive Bow Centralizer

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Oil Baron Supply’s Non Welded Positive Bow Centralizers are uniquely designed with a flat bottom “U” profile of different depths. The advantage of these Centralizers is that they significantly reduce frictional drag and perform well in deviated holes. Constructed from high quality steel, the design ensures that almost 100% stand-off is achieved when run inside a cased hole.

The product is fabricated so that it is ¼” or 6 mm less than the inside diameter of the hole size in which the centralizer is to be run in. This design eliminates weak (brittle) spots passage and the U profile Bow design allows maximum fluid passage. The End Collars are designed with a self-locking action and this makes them fast and easy to assemble whilst having a secure grip. The 10 special 'U' Bows can be configured to any hole diameter and their extended profile prevents them from hitting against casing collars. All Centralizers undergo a special iron phosphate coating process to avoid corrosion and are then coated with a special polyester powder.

These products can be shipped in half assembled condition for economy in shipping and storage costs.

They are available in all sizes ranging from 4 ½” to 20”..

Any special sizes or combination can be made available upon request.

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