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Hammer Union, Complete, FIG 1002

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Working Pressure Rating: 10,000psi
Test Pressure Rating: 15,000psi

FIG 1002 hammer unions are esteemed for their versatility, reliability, and adaptability across a myriad of fluid control applications. Available in an extensive range of sizes and various connections, these hammer unions seamlessly accommodate diverse piping configurations, ensuring effortless installation and compatibility. Manufactured to exacting standards and crafted from premium materials, FIG 1002 hammer unions boast exceptional durability and reliability, capable of withstanding extreme pressure and harsh environments with ease. Their robust design guarantees longevity and resilience, rendering them ideal for deployment in demanding industries such as oil and gas, mining, and chemical processing.

Furthermore, FIG 1002 hammer unions come with full material traceability, ensuring quality assurance and compliance with industry regulations. Whether utilised in well servicing, pipeline operations, or industrial fluid transfer, FIG 1002 hammer unions epitomise unrivalled performance, reliability, and peace of mind, setting the benchmark for efficient fluid control solutions.