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FC/FLS Type Gate Valve, Hydraulic (HCR), 3-1/16"

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Type: Hydraulic
Size: 3-1/16”
Pressure Rating: 3,000psi / 5,000psi
Certification: API 6A Monogrammed

Hydraulic FC type gate valves, manufactured by Midland Valve, are vital for precise fluid control in industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, water treatment, and power generation. These valves utilise hydraulic pressure for smooth operation, ensuring reliable flow regulation even under extreme conditions. With sizes ranging from 2-1/16" to 7-1/16", they offer versatility for various applications.

Known for their robustness, tight sealing, and resilience to high pressures and temperatures, they prevent leaks and ensure uninterrupted operations. In oil and gas, they're crucial for wellheads, pipelines, and refineries. In water treatment, they regulate municipal water supply and wastewater treatment. Power plants rely on them for steam systems and cooling circuits. Midland Valve's hydraulic FC gate valves are indispensable for industries requiring precise, reliable flow control, offering efficiency and peace of mind in critical processes.