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EPDM Rubber Bellow, Table E

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  • Midland Valve EPDM Rubber Bellow Table E

    • Flange Standard: AS2129
    • Temperature: -30°C + 120°C
    • Composition:Ethylene-propylene- dieneterpolymer
    • Generally Resistant: Animal and vegetable oils, ozone, strong and oxidizing chemicals
    • Generally affected or attacked: Mineral oils and solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons
    • Applications: Air, Compressed Air, Water, Sea Water, Hot Water, Weak Acid
    • Bursting Pressure: 6000kPa
    • Vacuity: 86.7 kPa


  • About Rubber Bellows:

    • A Rubber bellow is a flexible jointmade from heat-resisting synthetic elastomers and molded in a spherical shape with metal floating flanges.
    • Rubber Bellows (Flexible Rubber Joints) are installed in piping systems to absorb movements in three directions:
      • Axial - the movement of elongation and compression along the centre line
      • Lateral - offset movement from the centre line
      • Angular - offset bending about the centre line