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DM Type Mud Gate Valve, Buttweld, 2"

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Type: Manual
Size: 2”
Certification: API 6A Monogrammed

The DM type mud gate valves, ranging from 2" to 4" in size and designed to withstand pressures between 5000psi to 7500psi, offer a robust solution for controlling the flow of drilling mud in demanding oilfield operations. Engineered with precision, these valves boast features such as durable stainless steel construction, resilient seals, and a dependable gate mechanism, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environments. Their compact design allows for easy installation and integration into existing systems, while their high-pressure ratings guarantee efficient mud flow regulation without compromising safety. With smooth operation and minimal maintenance requirements, these valves provide operators with enhanced control, efficiency, and peace of mind during critical drilling operations, ultimately contributing to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness in the oil and gas industry.

Engineered specifically for the high pressure requirements of deep well drilling, the DM Type mud gate valve is chosen for the following drilling applications:

  • ​Standpipe manifolds
  • Pump manifold block valves
  • High-pressure drilling-system block valves
  • High-pressure frac service