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DCS-S Short Style Manual Drill Collar Slips

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The DCS Style Slip represents a cutting-edge solution in the realm of slip technology, offering unparalleled features and benefits for efficient collar and tool handling. Utilising button-style inserts, these slips ensure maximum gripping power, providing a secure hold on collars and tools during operations. Notably, slip sizes can be easily adjusted by adding or removing segments or changing button sizes, enhancing versatility and adaptability on the job site. Employing a full wrap-around design, the DCS Style Slip ensures positive and rapid slip settings, streamlining operations and minimising downtime.

Available in three sizes—short, medium, and long—to accommodate various tubular dimensions, these slips provide comprehensive coverage for diverse drilling needs. Manufactured and certified to the rigorous API 7K standard, the DCS Style Slip guarantees reliability, quality, and compliance, making it a preferred choice for enhancing efficiency and safety in drilling operations.