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Aluminum Spiral Vane Rigid Centralizer Fixed

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Oil Baron Supply’s Aluminum Spiral Vane Rigid Centralizer Fixed shares all the same
features as the Straight Aluminum Rigid, with the difference being the spiral vanes. The
"DAS03” is made of high tensile cast aluminum for shock, impact, and corrosion
resistance. This Centralizer provides positive standoff between casing and wellbore and is made of softer material than wellhead equipment to avoid damage to the wellhead. The unique spiral vanes overlap the entire 360-degree open hole circumference. The reduced flow area between these vanes provides a vortex motion that promotes increased fluid velocity. If rotation is required, the Centralizer can be assembled with out set screws and positioned between Stop Collars, or between the Stop Collar and the Casing Collar. If rotation is not required then the screws can be tightened as illustrated in the picture. This product is available with left-hand or right-hand vanes in a variety of sizes.

These Centralizers are available in all sizes ranging from 3 ½” to 20”.

Any special sizes can be made available upon request.

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