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Aluminum Rotating Spiral Vane Centralizer

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Oil Baron Supply’s Aluminium Rotating Spiral Vane Solid Centralizers are special purpose designed for running casing into unusually irregular well bores, for guiding the casing and providing the maximum flexibility for the casing string. These Centralizers have tapered vanes that considerably reduce drag during running into the casing or well bore. The angle of the vanes creates a radial fluid motion when the fluid is pumped. This motion reduces channeling and provides enhanced clean up and
cement placement properties. These Centralizers are not fixed to the casing, instead they rotate up and down by the use of a Stop Collar and significantly reduce the torque
necessary to rotate the casing. All Centralizers are painted or coated with polyester

These products are available in all sizes ranging from 3 ½” to 20” for any hole combination.

Any special sizes can be made upon request.

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