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2010 World Oil Tool Slimhole Drill Stem Test String

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$86,500.00 - $86,500.00
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Make: World Oil Tools

Model: Slimhole Drill Stem Test Tools

Quantity: 1

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Certification: Yes (Manual and Data Sheets Included)


2010 World Oil Tool Slimhole Drill Stem Test String - a comprehensive solution tailored for precision drill stem testing needs in both horizontal and vertical drilling applications. This complete kit with minimal usage and comes complete with surface equipment, manifolds, memory gauges, and spare parts, providing everything needed for efficient and reliable testing operations. Packaged in an international transport skid, this turnkey solution is ready for immediate dispatch or pickup, ensuring quick deployment to your worksite. Engineered for versatility, these tools are compatible with hole diameters ranging from 4" to 8-1/2", accommodating larger packers with ease, making them ideal for a wide range of testing scenarios.

With the inclusion of four 3-1/8" packer elements, this Slimhole Drill Stem Test String offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to adapt to various wellbore conditions with confidence. We can provide detailed specifications to suppliers for other packer element sizes and elastomers upon request. This customization option ensures that our tools meet your specific requirements, enhancing their suitability for diverse drilling environments. Whether you're conducting tests in horizontal or vertical wells, this reliable and versatile equipment is engineered to deliver precise results, making it the perfect choice for your drilling and testing operations.


1 x Drop Bar Catcher
1 x Recovery Recorder
1 x Jars
1 x Hydraulic Shut In Tool
1 x Sample Chamber
1 x Squeeze Relief
1 x Inside Recorder
1 x Safety Joint
1 x Inflate Pump
1 x Screen
2 x Top Packer Chassis, Flow Sub
1 x Outside Recorder Carrier
2 x Bottom Packer Chassis
2 x Belly Spring
7 x Spacing 1.17m
2 x Spacing 1.52m
2 x Spacing 0.92m
2 x Spacing 0.80m
1 x Spacing 0.61m
3 x Crossover Subs (3.5" IF Pin x HQ Box, HQ Pin x 3.5" IF Box, 2.375" AOH Pin x 2.375" IF Box)
20 x 2m Bypass Pipe
2 x 1m Bypass Pipe
1 x 0.3m Bypass Pipe
4 x Bypass Collar
2 x Bypass Plug
2 x Stinger / Polished Rod
4 x 3.125" Packer Elements
4 x Memory Gauges
8 x Memory Gauge Batteries
1 x Pump Spare Parts Kit (Check Valves 5x, Spressure Relief Valves 5x, PRV Puller, Valve Puller, Deflate Sleeve Tool, ORC Puller)
1 x Choke Manifold, 1502 with Choke Bean Set.
3 x Pressure test Subs (pump, PRV, packer)
1 x Belly Spring, Spares (5" & 3.125")
1 x Air actuated safety valve, 1502
1 x Safety valve, spare
1 x Manual safety valve, 1502
1 x 3.5" IF rotating head, 1502, 6ks
1 x Flare Pipe 2", 1502
1 x Transport Box, steel, 3.08m x 1.15m x 0.90m, 1.5t


$86,500 AUD + GST